Second user
  Royonic  pcb assembly stations
      type 510 & 554

Please email us for the latest information

Designed for leaded component assembly (also suitable for SMD) the light-guided 510 has 96 bins and the 554 has 624. Royonics bring the component to the operator, there is no reaching and dropping. They have colour change for polarity and can be upgraded to cut and clinch. Programs can be stored on a PC. Shown is a 510 with optional cut & clinch.

Right now we have access to one or two second user units BUT this can vary from week to week so please
email us NOW if you are at all interested.

Stickland Electronics  Tower House,  60 Tower Hill,   Chipperfield,   Kings Langley,  Herts  WD4 9LH 
  tel 01442 833763   email

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