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SMD Assembly using Royonic Work Stations

Royoniclight guided work stations are ideal for hand assembly of both conventional and SMD components. This is because they bring the current component as near to the operators hand and body as possible.There is no reaching and a perfect view of the component, from above, is available at all times.In addition the work station is designed so that the PCB is positioned as near as possible to the component picking position. Finally the light spot guides the eye around the board and pin points the component position. Component pick up can be achieved using either tweezers or vacuum whichever suits the operator and the component.

Above is a Royonic work station in use for SMD assembly at Briton Electronics.
Briton purchased the Royonic specifically for SMD work.

Special Bins

The normal bins used with a Royonic are cleverly designed to make conventional components easy to pick up down to the last one. The bins, however, are too deep for SMD. Hence there are special shallow SMD bins that combine a storage section with a pickup area. These fit into the normal bin and can contain sufficient SMD components for normal hand assembly. The number of bins is the same as for conventional assembly namely 96 to 600 depending on the requirements. Other kinds of dispenser can be positioned on the work top if required.

Work Station Hardware

Royonicwork stations used for SMD work are otherwise identical with those used for conventional assembly and therefor can be switched in moments from one roll to another, or even used for both types of component at the same time. At all times the kit is hidden away from view beneath the work surface and its integrity safeguarded. Only the current component is accessible.Perhaps the type 512 and the paternosters are best for SMD since they offer high bin capacities and a component door which safeguards the "current" component when assembly is not taking place. But the 96 bin types are also very suitable even though in the interests of speed there is no component door on the latest 510 versions.

Nasty jobs/prototypes

Sometimes components come in a form unsuitable for a fully automatic SMD machine. Hand placement is perhaps the only way to get the job donequickly. This is when the Royonic comes into its own.

More Information on the work stations

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