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Royonic Companies throughout the world

Royonicwork stations are manufactured in Germany by Royonic GmbH. They are sold throughout the world by separate companies.


In the late seventies Royonic saw the need for light guided PCB assembly work stations. They colaberated with Bosch to provide the solution. They designedwhat was probably the first digitally controlled PCB assembly station in the world. Since then they have designed, manufactured and delivered a series of different work stations, each with a special purpose in mind.

Located in Munich near the airport Royonicare in a position to easily supply work stations and spares world wide.

The UK

Stickland Electronics took on the marketing of Royonic products around the end of the seventies. Since then we have built up considerable knowledge in electronic assembly and an extensive customer base. Over the years Royonicwork stations have been supplied to many of the major electronic companies as well as to many of the smaller ones.

Located in Hemel Hempstead near London, virtually on the the M25/M1 junction, we are ideally placed to support the UK market.


Based in California, Royonix as it is known, supports the USA through a team of sales engineers. They also provide local (US wide) maintenance, back-up and spares.

The rest of the world

Royonic is represented in each country by a dedicated distributor. Details for each country are available on request.

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