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PCB Assembly using Royonic Work Stations

Royonicwork stations are used throughout the world for fast accurate printed circuit assembly. Over 10,000 have been delivered. Originally conceived in collaboration with Bosch they are totally designed for the purpose.

Above is the standard short-component-reach Royonic work station.
This light guided unit is shown fitted with optional Crop and Clinch module.

The Benefits

The benefits of using a Royonic computer controlled lightguided assembly station are many but the most important are fast, fault free, pcbs. This is made possible because everything is close by, the component comes to the hand for fast/easy pick-up (there are no carousels) and the eye stays on the board ready to move on to the next insertion point. With a Royonic there is no learning curve, any one can build any board at any time. Major results are seen in test where faults can be dramatically reduced.

Purpose Designed Hardware

Royonicwork stations include bin capacities from 96 (standard) through 120 (turbo) to 624 (paternoster). Bins are loaded and stored in units of 8 so that a standard 96 bin station can be rekitted in as little as 2.5 minutes ready for another board type.All these bins are contained within the workstation so safeguarding the integrity of the kit. This also leaves the top of the workstation free of clutter ready for PCB racks and other necessary items. External bins and IC dispensers can also be integrated into the workstation and assembly program. Light guidance is carried out using a white light source with unique colour change for polarityof a component. The built-in control system is purpose designed and uses a 32 bit processor to provide work station control, the operator interface and programming capability.

Crop and Clinch

All the latest (500 series) work stations can be supplied with (or retro fitted with) crop and clinch units. These units have been purpose designed to meet the needs of modern boards and have a great degree of programming flexibility.

Back-up and Support

Our work stations are designed for hard work and reliability but just in case you need it our backup is second to none. We still provide over night spares to customers with 18 year old workstations and our latest stations run all previous station programs.

Satisfied Users

There are many users in the uk and throughout the world. If you would like to meet one or talk to one please let us know. Special information is available on some of our customers which explains why they purchased Royonic, the benefits they anticipated and the hidden ones they later discovered.

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