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SMD Storage using the ALL NEW Royonic Tower

The Royonic Tower brings sophistication with simplicity to the storage and error free retrieval of surface mount components. Within a relatively small foot print (1 sqm) up to 546 different component types can be stored.

The Royonic Tower which stands 2.2m heigh and only 1m square.
The entry/exit port for reels/components is shown centre/right in grey
Over 130 delivered, email us for your copy of the DVD and find out why.


The Royonic Tower is fully computer controlled. A bar code reader identifies the component reel and directs the components to an available space within the cabinet. Storage and retrieval can be directly linked to a particular board assembly. The Tower merges seamlessly with fully automatic placement machines.

The storage and retrieval history of all the components is stored on the PC

Controlled environment

The internal atmosphere of the tower can be optionally controlled so that the humidity within the cabinet is maintained at a desired value. Thus the quality of stored components is guaranteed and the risk of damage during processing, due to moisture absorption, is avoided. Combined with the data data logging and tracability feature this makes a complete component control setup.

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