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What Royonic Users have Found

Royonic light guided PCB assembly stations are used by many different companies and in various configurations. Below are four examples, all in the UK. If you would like to know more please let us know.

Customer 1

A sub-contract manufacturing company based just to the north of London. They form partnerships with companies and build many different types and quantities of board. New designs are always coming along.They originally started with one Royonic and then after successful trials they added a further eight.During a recent visit their production engineer commented "I've seen the others but with the Royonic there is no reaching to left and right. It's so obvious, the component is presented right into the operators hand". On another visit the test engineer said "I've seen the results, just look at the improvement in assembly errors".

Customer 2

Another sub-contract company based in Bedford purchased a Royonic work station for use only on SMD or mixed technology boards. They realised that they often have problems with small (trial) batch sizes that do not justify using a fully automatic placement machine. In fact where the components are lose or in very short strips they cannot be assembled on a machine. A semi-automatic carousel system is also not suitable. So they purchased a Royonic with 96 bins. Although they intended to use the work station only for small jobs in fact their first board used all 96 bins!

Customer 3

A well known company building their own professional industrial products. They know the range of boards they have to build but the mix changes from week to week. It seemed natural to instal two 600 bin Royonic Paternosterwork stations. The customer spread all his hand insertion components across the 1200 bins. He is now in a position to build any board at a moments notice (i.e. JIT). There has been a significantimprovement of 48% in assembly time and quality control is now better and easier. A large saving has been made in floor space.

Customer 4

Similar to customer number 3 this particular company only build their own boards and all of the components can be contained within 140 bins. After extensive trials and discussions aRoyonic type 512 "Turbo" withhigh speed, 120 bin, random access delivery system was chosen. This was fitted with 20 external Lin bins giving the total required. Behind the operator is a duplicate set of bins all filled with a back-up kit of components. One of the main reasons for going for the Royonicwas (again) the short hand movement to component (no dropped components as they had found with carousels), no left and right handed picking. The result has been an increase in quality together with a 40% reduction in build time both with no special operator training.

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